Climb Up Mount Ijen with Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Climb Up Mount Ijen with Bromo Ijen Tour Package . If you are in East Java, you shouldn’t miss visiting Mount Ijen. This is a volcanic tourist attraction which is located on West of Mount Merapi in Banyuwangi. It is a home for the largest acidic lake in this world! Therefore, it is a dangerous place as it radiates natural phenomenon; known as the electric blue flames. Although this place is dangerous, there is sulfur mining operation that still operates until now and the miners are the local people. If you are interested to see the electric blue flames, it can be seen in Kawah Ijen and Iceland only. There are many options for Bromo Ijen tour package to visit this place in a group.

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Climb Up Mount Ijen with Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Mount Bromo Ijen Package Tour

If you are interested to climb Mount Ijen, the Bromo Ijen tour package provider will ask you to carry certain things like a gas mask. As we know, it is the largest acidic lake which radiates the sulfur gas in the air. Therefore, you may not get the fresh air while climbing up this place. If you have disease like asthma, it will be better to rethink whether you want to climb up this mountain or not. Besides the breathing disease, if you are often panic while taking breathe except the oxygen, the best option is not climbing up this mount.

In addition, you need to be more careful while deciding to climb up. If you don’t feel so fit, don’t waste your time to do this activity as you can feel so stressed over. The fact is you don’t have enough oxygen and it may make you can’t enjoy the moment. Therefore, if you want to join climbing up this mount with yogyakarta Bromo Ijen tour package, ensure you are in a healthy condition. Another meeting point is from Suabaya, Bali, Banyuwangi or Jakarta.  It is better to know the detail of location and destination before joining this tour.

Facilities offered at Cemara Indah Hotel probolinggo

Facilities offered at Cemara Indah Hotel probolinggo. Designed for business and leisure travelers, Cemara Indah Hotel is strategically located in Probolinggo, one of the most famous local areas. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to everything that can be found in this active city. With its strategic location, this hotel offers easy access to destinations that must be visited eg bromo ijen tour package.

Cemara Indah Hotel also offers various facilities to maximize your stay in Probolinggo. The hotel offers access to a vast array of services, including 24-hour room service, Wi-Fi in public areas, car park, room service, meeting facilities. Guests can choose from several rooms which are all equipped with a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

Cemara Indah Hotel is the ideal place to stay for tourists who seek charm and comfort through the city of Probolinggo.


Located in Ngadisari, this hotel is 3 km from Mount Bromo. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is 18 km away. The hotel building directly faces Bromo so from the front of the hotel you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo.

Hotel facility

This hotel offers a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, and a television in a common area. Free WiFi in public areas and free self parking are also provided. Other amenities include a bell boy.
Room Facilities

All rooms offer free wireless Internet access, room service (during limited hours), and TVs with satellite TV. Other facilities for you include free bottled water, shower and writing desk.

Facilities offered at Cemara Indah Hotel probolinggo

Facilities offered at Cemara Indah Hotel probolinggo

Bromo Batu Malang Tour Packages for Long Vacation

Bromo Batu Malang Tour Packages for Long Vacation. Long holiday will be very special when using the package of bromo batu malang as a holiday destination to be undertaken. Ideal holiday moments used for various things that can refresh the mind and performed with the people closest, such as family and entourage people of one office. Indonesia is a country that has a lot of beautiful types of tourism is tempting to visit, and sometimes it makes people confused will choose which places to go as a destination. Malang is one city with so much beauty that can be enjoyed. Moreover, Malang Batu is a city located in the foothills of the mountain bromo, so bromo tour packages at once go to the poor city will feel very fun.

Bromo Batu Malang Tour Packages for Long Vacation

Bromo Batu Malang Tour Packages for Long Vacation

Malang which is often referred to as one of the very cold city in Indonesia is ideal to be combined with bromo and stone city for the purpose of the trip to 3 places at once. Now there are already many economical travel packages to be used as a facilitator when planning to visit bromo, poor, and stone city. Bromo itself is a mountain with many beautiful scenery that will spoil the eye, the beauty of this mountain will be one of the most exciting holiday experience for tourists, both domestic tourists and overseas tourists.

Type of tour package that can be selected can be adjusted with the length of time the vacation is owned. Typically, this tour is able to get the best results for packages made over the period of 3 days 2 nights. 3 days is an ideal enough time for a vacation to the poor city and mountain bromo, coupled with the beauty of the city of stone. This package is included in one of the best-selling tour packages and most preferred by the travelers, because it is when this tour has its own beauty and the combination of these three sights will feel so perfect for the entourage.

Bromo Tour Package, Going to Breathtaking Sunrise

Bromo Tour Package, Going to Breathtaking Sunrise . Mount Bromo is a volcano mountain located in East Java, Indonesia. Its beautiful and spectacular scenery is very popular among local and international tourists. Along with other mountains, Bromo is surrounded by desert. This is what makes it becomes so different from other volcano mountains. To reach it, you can join bromo tour package. There are so many travel agents that offer this package with various prices. In general, the tour also offers customers to go to other mountains and volcano locations. The examples of such places are Mount Semeru and Ijem Craters.

Bromo Tour Package, Going to Breathtaking Sunrise

As we know, traveling to Mount Bromo is a very exciting experience. Bromo tour package takes tourists to start their expedition from a village called Cemoro Lawang, at before sunrise. For roughly about forty-five minutes, you can walk to reach the volcano through the desert. However, the destination can also be reached by using organized jeep tours. Besides, you can also hire locals’ service of ridden horses. It is one of the unique experiences to ride a horse through the desert before sunrise. Remember, it is very necessary to go before sunrise because the sunrise moment from Mount Bromo is the main attraction of beautiful scenery in this area.

Bromo Tour Package Going to Breathtaking Sunrise

In addition, there are lots of options for Bromo tour package offered either by locals or organized travel agencies. If you are backpacker, you can take much cheaper packages by using economy-class trains or low-cost carriers. You can stop in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, or Malang in order to reach Mount Bromo’s location. However, the nearest city from the mountain is Surabaya, as it only needs three or four hours by car to arrive in Cemoro Lawang. In conclusion, touring at Mount Bromo is not difficult to do since lots of tour packages are offered to those who want to.

The Best Moment In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Journey in climbing Mount Rinjani is a very exhausting trip as well as fun because this kind of trip will be very difficult for everyone to enjoy. In the ascent to the summit of Mount Rinjani there are many moments created from the beginning of the trip even before the journey begins to reach the highest peak above 3726 meters. There are several climbing routes that can be passed by every tourist who wants to reach the peak of Mount Rinjani Trekking but Sembalun path becomes a favorite route for many tourists because the terrain that passed on the Sembalun path is classified as sloping and lightweight so many people who can pass through it easily even for a beginner though.

In this path the green meadow will adorn the path of the climbers from the beginning of the journey until the post 3 so that the sun will be very stinging the skin throughout the journey. Therefore, to avoid hot weather during the day you should leave early in the morning when the sun is still not shining. After passing the pasture the actual journey will soon begin because the awaiting field will be much heavier. You need a lot of time to get from one post to the next until it reaches the last post called Plawangan Sembalun.

From the last post you are getting closer to the 2 favorite objects of the climbers are Segara Anak lake and the peak of Mount Rinjani so that the climbers need a lot of energy to be able to reach the second favorite tourist attraction on Mount Rinjani. These 2 spots are often the background of climbers in taking photos because the scenery is indeed very amazing. To reach the Segara Anak lake from Plewangan Sembalun you need about 2 – 3 hours while to reach the peak of Plewangan Sembalun which is about 4 hours or even more than that. The field to be traversed to the peak is extremly famous therefore you must really prepare your physical and mental first if really want to reach the peak of Mount Rinjani whose beauty is extraordinary